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SMS Low Back Pain

S.M.S. is an easy to follow, at home step by step guide that combines revolutionary strength, mobility and stability techniques to fix the root cause of low back pain, safely and quickly.

  • Easy to follow step by step guide
  • Heal & protect the back naturally
  • Works for ANY pain level
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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After years of research and study, celebrity trainer and highly respected fitness expert, Scott Malin, NASM-CPT created the S.M.S. Low Back System to work for anyone with low back pain. It does not matter if you are stuck in bed or a professional athlete.

There are 3 distinct levels to make sure that anyone, at any level, will get tremendous results, guaranteed. You simply download the system and follow along with the specific exercises, stretches and techniques.

As you experience less pain, you will be able to challenge yourself more and more. The S.M.S. system has helped thousands of people get 100% out of pain and we guarantee you the same results.


Most people assume strength means doing sit ups, but you won’t find any of those in SMS…

Instead, we will strengthen the important and forgotten muscles that create the proper curve in the spine and low back.

If you are experiencing pain, your low back is in an unnatural position that is forcing the spine to put pressure on the discs and nerves. This happens when certain muscles are too strong and others are too weak.

Strengthening the weak muscles is part one in a critical process to regain that natural curve in your back which will get you out of pain.

Just as some muscles are too weak, others are too strong… this imbalance leads to poor posture and low back pain. Just as part one will help you strengthen the weak muscles, part two will help you improve mobility in the areas that are too strong and inflexible.

Strength and flexibility work hand in hand, ensuring you have healthy posture and a pain free low back.

But there are two critical factors… One, knowing what areas to strengthen and what areas to mobilize (they are different). And two, knowing the best techniques and perfect form to get maximum results.

S.M.S. will very simply and clearly show you what to stretch and what NOT to stretch (equally important) and revolutionary methods that get incredible results.

As you improve mobility in the tight areas and improve strength in the weak areas, you will naturally create more space in the low back which will take pressure off the discs and STOP the pain, forever.

Finally, we will build stability in your core to protect the low back and ensure it can withstand real world twisting forces that cause pain and injury.

Notice, their is no mention of mobility in your core. Everything around your core should move, but not the core itself, because it is meant to stabilize your body (i.e. NEVER stretch the low back- something most people do not know).

The S.M.S. System will show you everything you need to know to dramatically improve stability in your core… Put together with the other two parts of this program, you will not only get out of low back pain quickly and safely, you will also protect yourself from further pain and injury.

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Dec 14, 2014 by Jennifer T.

Like most other people I'm sure, I was skeptical about SMS, because I tried so many other things that didn't work so hot. I've had low back pain since college. I think I hurt it playing soccer, but I'm not totally sure how and when it happened. All I know is that it's been hurting me for years. I ...
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Dec 14, 2014 by Jonathan Fields

I hurt my back two years ago playing in a softball league. Never been the same since. Have trouble sleeping on and off. Some days are worse than others. Since I have to travel a lot, I also have trouble on flights. It's just been a nagging thing for a long time. I tried the chiropractor and PT, but ...
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Dec 13, 2014 by Jackson G.

Simple to understand and a great program. So many things in there I never would have thought of, but they make so much sense and when you do them, you can feel the difference. I started feeling relief by week two and now my back pain is gone. I was probably a four out of ten on the pain scale when I ...
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Really helped me

Dec 08, 2014 by Jim DeLane

The SMS program gave me serious low back relief. I had tried many different approaches over the years (yoga, PT, stretches, pain killers, etc...), but nothing gave me any kind of real lasting pain relief. I tried SMS, because I liked the strategy of posture, because mine isn't so good, so I have it ...
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