How S.M.S. will Stop Low Back Pain

stop low back painS.M.S. is an ingenious system to relieve and eliminate low back pain.  But, how does it work in practice?  Okay, there are 3 main parts to the book as there are 3 main types of posture: healthy, lordotic and kyphotic.  The book very clearly shows you exactly how to see which group you fall into, so there is no question of what you need to do next.

Then, there are 3 levels for each section.  If you can barely get out of bed, then you do section 1 with the very gentle exercises and stretches.  If you are more stable and have some more mobility, you can do level 2 which has more advanced stretches and exercises and so on.  This way, everyone can do the S.M.S. program no matter what they current state of pain is right now.  For each level, the workouts only take about 20 minutes.

As you get more mobile and have less and less pain, you can expand to more challenging and functional exercises.  And, once you are completely out of pain, you can continue to do the exercises in Level 3 to make sure your back stats healthy, strong and pain free.  Plus, it will really help lower your risk of any future back pain or injury.  And no matter who you are or what kind of back pain history you have, that is the kind of insurance we all need.

But, how exactly does it work?  Well, you have all kinds of muscle imbalances in your body right now.  They occur, because we sit way too much and live a modern lifestyle.  That means we don’t stretch enough and move enough which eventually forces our muscles into weakened and overly tight positions.  This distorts your posture and puts tremendous strain on your lower back which then manifests itself as pain.   It also puts you at a very high risk of a low back injury.

The key is to fix these muscle imbalances and transform bad posture into healthy, natural posture.  Once you do this, lower back pain disappears, because the strain and pressure is taken away.  Whether you have an injury or chronic low back pain, S.M.S is the answer.  It will work to rehabilitate your back as well as all the supporting muscles around it to ensure you get to a healthy, pain free state.

Remember, it is not like your body wants to be in pain.  It’s natural state is to be pain free.  You have done something negative to your body to create this pain.  What the S.M.S. system does its to get your body back to a much more natural state.  We will be strengthening weak muscles, improving mobility in tight muscles and stabilizing your core.  That is the S.M.S. system (Strength, Mobility, Stability).  By combining these three critical factors into one system, your body will transform itself back to health and the result will be a pain free lower back.

This program works, because the creator and author himself had a very bad lower back injury.  He created this system out of necessity, because there was nothing else out there that worked for him.  He was stuck in bed for 6 months and in excruciating pain.  He tried all the expensive equipment and read all the books out there, but nothing worked.

He realized that there was a huge gap in what really worked and what was being said by the so called experts, so he used his expertise to create a simple, but extremely effective system for the low back.  Not only did he get himself completely pain free and back to his advanced exercise routine, he used the system with his celebrity clients and professional athletes.  The results were always the same – pain free clients that felt and looked fantastic.

Scott put all this amazing knowledge into a very easy to use system and called it S.M.S.  You can do it at home with the need for any equipment, which means once you download it, you can start applying it immediately.

We truly hope you will give it a try, because no matter what, just remember we have an iron clad 30 day money back guarantee.  The guarantee is there for two reasons.  Once, we know this system will work for you and help you get out of pain and back to your life.  And two, we want you to feel confident that you are making a risk free choice to try a top quality product.  We hope you will download the book today, so that you can have a pain free back!

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