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Dec 14, 2014 by Jennifer T.

Like most other people I'm sure, I was skeptical about SMS, because I tried so many other things that didn't work so hot. I've had low back pain since college. I think I hurt it playing soccer, but I'm not totally sure how and when it happened. All I know is that it's been hurting me for years. I basically just learned to live with it. Of course, I've tried all kinds of stuff, but I kind of gave up about a year ago because nothing worked. Then, a friend told me about SMS... he said it saved his back. So, I thought it was worth a try. Honestly, I can't believe how much it has helped me. I forgot what it was like to live without pain. I was walking and sitting like I was an older woman and didn't even realize it. After a few weeks, my back started to feel better and it gave me a lot of hope. Within 2 months, I was out of pain. There are a a few rare days here and there where I feel a little twinge, but I know that will be gone pretty soon too. Overall, I am out of pain and thank God for it. I never realized just how much I had given up doing because of my back. I was just so used to it. But, now, I can play soccer again ( I did it last week) and there was no pain. I feel like I have a whole part of my life back that was taken from me. I cannot recommend SMS highly enough. Get it and do it. It works!


Dec 14, 2014 by Jonathan Fields

I hurt my back two years ago playing in a softball league. Never been the same since. Have trouble sleeping on and off. Some days are worse than others. Since I have to travel a lot, I also have trouble on flights. It's just been a nagging thing for a long time. I tried the chiropractor and PT, but nothing really helped. I've been using pain killers, but I know that's not a good solution either. I gave SMS a shot after searching online for a long time and reading about it. It makes a lot of sense. I don't do it religiously, and I know that would get me better results, but I have definitely seen a difference. My back hurts a lot less. I've been doing it off and on for about a month. I can move better and the pain is now a two out of ten instead of a six. I feel confident that it will be completely gone soon. Thanks!


Dec 13, 2014 by Jackson G.

Simple to understand and a great program. So many things in there I never would have thought of, but they make so much sense and when you do them, you can feel the difference. I started feeling relief by week two and now my back pain is gone. I was probably a four out of ten on the pain scale when I started, but it was chronic and never stopped. Thank you so much, Scott!

Really helped me

Dec 08, 2014 by Jim DeLane

The SMS program gave me serious low back relief. I had tried many different approaches over the years (yoga, PT, stretches, pain killers, etc...), but nothing gave me any kind of real lasting pain relief. I tried SMS, because I liked the strategy of posture, because mine isn't so good, so I have it a shot. After about two weeks of doing it, I noticed a significant reduction in pain. Now, about a month later, I am pain free and so thankful for the system. And my posture is better too! Thanks!!

Highly recommended!!!

Feb 06, 2013 by Paula

When I first went through the SMS system, I loved how simple and common sense the approach was. I had tried all kinds of things over the years and nothing worked for me. Some things alleviated the pain for a short while, but it always returned. With SMS, I found that there was an immediate change in how I walked, stood and sat. It wasn't like I was really even aware of it. But, my understanding of why I was in back pain really helped me to change things. And then, the simplicity of the exercises and the fact I could do them anywhere really enabled me to stick with it and get, honestly, the best results I could have hoped for... Now, I am out of pain and I do not walk around in fear that it will come back. Thank you so much Scott! Highly recommended!!!

Saved my back

Feb 06, 2013 by Mark Howard from San Antonio, Texas

I love this book. I have had back problems for going on 15 years of and on. I've been through chiropractors, PT, accupuncture and on and on... Stuff would work for a little while, but the same nagging pain would come back. I found SMS and have been using it for the last 4 weeks. My back feels stronger than it has in years. The chronic pain has decreased so much that I barely feel it anymore and I know it will be gone completely very soon, because it has improved so much in so little time already. The only reason I give it 4 starts is because I wish there was a dvd. The book is plenty clear and easy to understand, but I am lazy. Other than that, an amazing book. Thanks.

Never tried anything else even close

Feb 06, 2013 by Sharon Thomson

Hands down, there is nothing that even comes close to this great back rehab book. I wish I had it it 10 years ago. The system works, I can attest to that. Sitting at desks most of my life, I've always suffered with low back pain. And after all the years of failed treatments, I just lived with it. This book showed me, for the first time I might add, why I had back pain in the first place and how I could start fixing it. I loved it! I feel great and my only regret is that I didn't know about it a long time ago, If you have low back pain, get this book, read it and use it. It's the real deal!

Thank God for SMS!

Feb 06, 2013 by Bonnie C., Louisville, KY

I've had chronic lower back pain for over 25 years. I am a secretary at a law firm and sit in a chair over 8 hours a day. I was living on Advil and still taking more serious pain killers many times just to get through the day. A friend told me about the SMS system and she had great results, so I gave it a try. I did the exercises and stretches religiously and quickly noticed I had less back pain. It felt like a God send! I continued following the routine and now I am almost 100% pain free. I am still careful, because I never want to go back to that kind of pain, but I now live a normal life again! The SMS system truly changed my life. I cannot thank you enough!!


Feb 06, 2013 by Jesse D.

I have had a bad back for over 7 years. When I began doing the exercises, I could immediately feel a slight positive difference. As time went on and I got stronger, my pain began to dissipate pretty dramatically.

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