Main Benefits of S.M.S. Low Back Rehab

90% of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.  Now, for the first time, a revolutionary, yet common sense program that addresses ALL of the muscle imbalances and postural distortions that cause back pain.  This program can be done at home, with little to no equipment.  It does not matter how immobile you are right now, because this amazing rehab program begins with a full set of powerful exercises that can be done in your bed or on the floor!

Here are the main benefits of the S.M.S Back Program:

1. Get out of back pain FAST.
2. Fix your unsightly and unhealthy posture that causes back pain.
3. Significantly increases strength and stability in the core.
4. Significantly increases mobility in the hips.
5. Addresses ALL main postural types.
6. Dramatically reduces your risk of future injury.
7. May help dramatically reduce knee pain.
8. Anyone can do it.
9. It’s simple and only takes minutes a day.
10.Filled with high quality images to insure ease of use.

The S.M.S back rehab program is totally unique.  No matter how immobile you are right now and no matter what type of postural distortion you have, the S.M.S program will work for you.    The program has 3 levels for each type of person.  So, you can quickly identify which group you fall into and begin doing exercises right away, even if you need to do them all in bed.  And the best part is that these exercises are extremely powerful and will immediately make a difference in how you feel.

Then, once you are more mobile and in much less pain, or if you are already more mobile right now, you can move into the next group of more advanced exercises.  These exercises are extremely powerful and will help you functionally address all the underlying problems that cause back pain.

Then, once you are out of pain and feeling great, you can take your level of protection in the lower back to a whole other level.  The final group of exercises are simply incredible in their ability to help you retain healthy, beautiful pain free posture and dramatically reduce your risk of future pain or injury.

This program took years to develop by world renowned fitness trainer, Scott Malin, who has many other best selling books.  Even though this is his latest book, it has quickly become his best seller.  And the simple fact is that it works.  People send in letter daily thanking Scott for his incredible contribution to people who used to suffer from low back pain.  There is nothing worse than being taken away from the joy of life and living in pain.  Let the S.M.S. back program show you how to take your life back and live pain free!