What does S.M.S. stand for?

S.M.S. stands for Strength, Mobility and Stability. These are the three main components to the S.M.S. back rehab system…

Each component workS different areas of the body and for very specific reasons.  They are equally important and combined together, they produce phenomenal results.

Building strength in the proper areas not only protects and supports the back, it also helps you fix your posture which is one of the main culprits of back pain. The muscles that need strengthening cannot currently hold you in a healthy position to support your back and get you out of pain.

Mobility is also very important, because there are many muscles that are too strong and way too tight. This throws the back completely out of whack and causes significant pain. Fixing mobility will go a long way to eliminating back pain and protecting you from injury.

And finally, stability in the core is absolutely essential for ensuring the back can withstand movements that can cause injury or pain. By creating stability in the core, the muscles in and around the back will actually pull it back into a healthy position that can help eliminate pain. The S.M.S. simply and powerfully combines these three things into one complete system so you can heal your back and get out of pain quickly and safely.

What exactly does the S.M.S. low back program do?

Well, put simply, S.M.S. corrects all the muscle imbalances created by poor posture, which leads directly to low back pain. Let’s face it, we sit way too much… that’s what we do all day. And the low back pays a heavy price for it.

It’s no surprise that 90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, since we all sit way too much, and do not stretch or move anywhere near enough throughout the day. Posture becomes more and more imbalanced and that leads to back pain.

The S.M.S program tackles this issue head on. It will show you exactly what kind of posture type you have in a very easy to understand way.

Then, it will take through a wide variety of simple and easy to do exercises that will literally transform your posture. And as you come back into a natural balance, an amazing thing will happen.  You will feel much, much better.

In fact, as time goes on, you will find that your back pain completely disappears. The kinds of posture that people develop literally crush their delicate discs in the spine or throw them completely out of alignment. S.M.S. helps you reverse this so you can transform your body back into one of beautiful, pain free posture.

And the best part is that you will be building your body to be significantly less prone to pain an injury in the future.

That is the function of the S.M.S. system.  And it is a best seller for one simple reason – it works!

How does S.M.S. compare to other low back programs?

S.M.S. will reveal the root cause of your low back pain and then give you all the tools, in an easy to follow step by step format, to heal your low back and get out of pain.

What makes the S.M.S. system so unique is it’s completeness and simplicity. It is extremely powerful, yet incredible easy to understand and follow. It is a complete system designed to help anyone, at any level of pain (even if you are stuck in bed).

S.M.S. encompasses every major type of posture and has a wide variety of exercise and stretching progressions, so that anyone can do it and get fantastic results.

Many of the back books on the market will throw a ton of exercises at you, but if you do not understand your specific muscle imbalances, you can do more harm than good. But, since the S.M.S. explains all this very clearly, you will be set up to succeed at healing your low back of pain.

Is it hard to identify my specific posture?

It’s easy… stand up for a second and go to a mirror. Take your shirt off and look at yourself from the side. Now, look at your hips and pelvis. Imagine there is a bucket full of water sitting on your hips and resting on your pelvis…

Would the water in that bucket tip forward or backward? In other words, are your hips tilted forward over your pelvis with your butt sticking out behind you. If so, you might see a big hollow cave in your lower back.

Or, is your butt totally tucked under your pelvis and your hips are tilted back? In this case, your lower back will be very flat. Or, are your hips straight over your pelvis so no water can tip out of the bucket?

In the S.M.S. book, Scott Malin, NASM-CPT shows you with a variety of pictures to help you quickly and easily identify which kind of posture you have… And once you do, you will be ready to tackle your back pain and make it a thing of the past.

There are 3 groups of exercises for each kind of posture, based on your fitness level and ability to move. So, it does not matter how much or little you can move. The S.M.S. program will get your body moving in the right direction immediately. And these are results you will feel right away.

How do I know it will work for me specifically?

This is what makes the S.M.S. program so incredible…

Everyone has differences in terms of which muscles are tight, weak, strong, etc.  Giving the same exercises to everyone will NOT yield good results for everyone.  In fact, if you do the wrong stretches and exercises, you will actually be making your problem worse!

Imagine if you have a weak muscle and instead of making it stronger, you stretch it and only serve to make it weaker? And what happens if you do an exercise for a muscle that is already too strong and throw your body even more out of balance?

That is why the S.M.S. low back system takes great care to ensure you get the right program for you. By identifying what kind of posture you have, you will already be way ahead of the game. You will be getting to the root of your issue.

Then, as you begin doing the exercises and stretching techniques that are right for you, you will quickly feel improvement.  As you get stronger and more mobile, you will know that you are correcting the muscle imbalances that have been causing you pain and suffering.

And of course, as the pain disappears, you will know that your body is coming back into balance and you are protecting yourself from any future injury in the low back.

How long does it take to do every day?

The exercises and stretches do not take long…

The stretching portion is about 20 minutes.  The exercise portion is also about 20 minutes.

Of course, you can stretch longer and more frequently, and we encourage that, but you will get incredible results in just the 40 minutes a day we suggest you focus on the S.M.S. program.

And 40 minutes is not a lot to ask in order to start healing your back and get out of pain.

It will allow you to go through a wide array of stretches and exercises that will hit all the muscle groups that need more strength, mobility and stability.

Is it a complicated system or hard to understand?

Absolutely not. The S.M.S. program contains high quality color photographs for every single stretch and exercise in the entire eBook.

And, with very easy to understand instructions, you simply go from one stretch to the next and one exercise to the next…

As time goes on and you understand the proper form for each stretch and exercise, it will make things even easier for you.

You will find yourself learning how to do a wide variety of exercises that are great for you with the perfect form so you get all the best possible results. And that makes the S.M.S. low back program entirely unique.

Most other programs are difficult to follow and do not really spend enough time explaining how to do each exercise and stretch for maximum benefit.  With S.M.S., you can count on learning the right way from day one to get the best results.

Do I need to buy anything else?

No. You can begin doing the S.M.S. low back rehab system right away.

The only thing Scott recommends is a foam roller. They cost about $15 and can be bought in local stores or online. These rollers are a wonderful and inexpensive investment in yourself.

Scott goes through all the important applications and how to use a foam roller in the system, but that is the only thing he recommends you purchase.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Of course, everyone is different and will see results in different time frames.

You may be totally immobile or you may just have some nagging back pain, but you are pretty much okay. Those two kinds of people will probably get better in very different time frames.

But we can promise you this… you will start seeing a difference in how you look and feel very quickly. Even if you have a more serious situation with your back, you can still expect to see some improvements very quickly (within 1-2 weeks).

And as you begin to feel better, you will be able to do more and more of the S.M.S. System, which will catapult you on your healing journey to becoming pain free.

Are the exercises difficult to do?


The exercises have a wide range of progressions, so that you can do the exercise that is just right for you, no matter how immobile you are right now.

With the wide range of progressions for each exercise, you are guaranteed to be able to do everything in theS.M.S. program and tailor it to your level.

And again, that simply means better results, because you will be doing 100% of the exercises.

And of course, as get stronger and more mobile, the exercises will continue to challenge you and help you get out of pain and heal fully.

What if I cannot get out of bed?

No problem… This is just another way in which the S.M.S. system does more than anything else on the market.

For each posture type, there is a whole set of exercises that can be 100% done either on the ground or in bed, if necessary.

So, now, you can actually start healing your back even if you are totally laid up in bed.

Of course, the exercises get more challenging as you become more mobile, but now, no matter how little you can move, you can still see phenomenal results.

What if I am in pretty good shape, but still have back pain?

Great… that means you can do some of the more challenging exercises in the S.M.S. program.

Chances are that even though you may be in good shape, you still have serious postural distortions. And by fixing them with S.M.S., you will actually be improving your ability to move and function while still getting yourself out of chronic back pain.

The S.M.S. system will show you how step by step.

Should I use S.M.S. if I have a serious injury?

We always recommend consulting with a doctor before beginning and new kind of treatment.

Even though the S.M.S. system is very safe and gentle, you still need to get your doctor’s approval first to begin a low back rehab program.

Ideally get some x-rays and even an MRI so that you know exactly what you are dealing with before doing any physical exercise.

What if I try it and then want a refund?

We stand 100% behind our product.

Just try the S.M.S. Low Back System for up to 60 days and if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will give you 100% of your money back .

We process refunds within 2 -3 business days and without any hassle or questions.